Keynote Speakers

  Prof. GE Yaojun
President-Elect of IABSE and Professor of Tongji University, China.
He has received all three kinds of Chinese National Awards of Natural Science,
Technological Invention and Science and Technology Progress, as well as
international T. Y. Lin Medal 2016.

  Dr. Juan Sobrino
Founder and president of Pedelta Corporation since 1994.
Numerous of his designs have received prestigious awards for their elegance
and innovative values. Dr. Sobrino also received the IABSE award in 2013.

  Prof. Khalid Mosalam
Currently leads the department’s Structural Engineering,
Mechanics & Materials program and is the current chairman of the Pacific
Earthquake Engineer Research Center (PEER). His research also covers
large-scale computations and physical testing, including hybrid simulation.

  Dr. Roy Imbsen
Dr. Roy Imbsen has 47 years of experience as a practicing bridge engineer.
His experience includes design, analysis, research and construction of
transportation facilities. More recently, he is working with OSMOS USA to
implement procedures for structural health-monitoring of highway bridges.