Themes and Topics

Conference Theme: Engineering the Developing World

Large Scale Infrastructure Projects
Regional and international bridge, tunneling and structural projects are becoming ever more ambitious, especially in the developing world, where they become showcases for nascent economies.

Engineering Innovations for Rapid Urbanisation
As the world becomes increasingly urbanised technical innovation is paramount where urban constraints continually challenge designers.

Towards Achieving a Low Carbon Footprint

The importance of achieving a low carbon footprint is already recognised in developed economies, however, are the same considerations being given in the developing world?

Harmonising New and Old
The integration of new with old is a challenge which requires sensitive consideration, especially in developing nations where often the gulf between the two can almost seem eternal.

The Future of Aesthetic Design
Is there a future for aesthetics in design where cost increasingly becomes the only driving factor? This is an important question in rapidly developing economies, where it is oft left behind.

The conference will cover, but is not limited to, the above themes and topics.