IABSE Conference Guangzhou 2016

Bridges and Structures Sustainability
- Seeking Intelligent Solutions

Young Engineers Programme

All delegates born in 1982 or later and students will enjoy reduced conference registration fees. In addition a jury will award two young authors, born in or after 1982 who have personally presented their paper during the conference, with the Young Engineers’ Contribution Award. The prizes will be presented at the closing of the conference. Note: Early Bird Registration Fees are offered until March 31, 2016.

Young Engineer Workshop (YEW) 2016

Download the Report and see the winners

A young engineer workshop (YEW) “Smart System Design Competition for the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao (HZM) Project” will be held at the conference venue on May 8, 2016 in the afternoon. It was basically a design competition for the HZM Project, including bridges and tunnels, in Guangzhou. More details can be found in the flyer and brochure below. The workshop included lectures by prominent engineers, review of designs proposed by young engineers (35 years old or younger) and an award ceremony.

Yew 2016 Flyer
-    YEW Brochure
-    Supplemental material:
     Structure 1:
Jiuzhou Channel Bridge
     Structure 2: Non-navigation Bridge in Deep Water Zone
     Structure 3: Standard Section of Immersed Tunnel

Download all Supplemental material (incl. CAD drawings for Structure 1)

Who can Participate?
Teams should range from 1 to 5 young participants including either young engineers or students of civil engineering around the world. The involved team are encouraged to physically join the event. Enrolment of teams is mandatory to assure space availability by sending emails to contact.

How is the event organized?
The teams are encouraged to think about their proposals. Then, during the Workshop, expert engineers will help them throughout the design process. After the comments of the tutors, each group will have 24 hours to correct their initial proposals. During this period, each team will be provided with an adequate  working space at the Guangzhou Conference venue. The awards ceremony will be held during the closing ceremony. The students will be provided with drinks during this event. A welcome reception and YEP party will be held after the event.


• April 28, 2016 (extended) End of the enroling period.
The teams willing to participate in the event are required to
send their names to iabse2016guangzhou@tongji.edu.cn

• 1st May 2016 Proposal submission.
The teams shall submit their proposal in A2 sized pdf with original files.

• 8th May 2016 Young Engineer Workshop.
Each team will present their work and be tutored by experts in monitoring of structures for 3 hours.
The participants are advised to elaborate an initial proposal to this workshop.

• 9th May 2016 Final Proposal submission.
The teams will submit their A2 size board in pdf.

• 10th May 2016 Awards Ceremony.
Selected proposals will be displayed at the conference venue.
The awards ceremony will be held during the closing ceremony.