IABSE Conference Guangzhou 2016

Bridges and Structures Sustainability
- Seeking Intelligent Solutions

Panorama view of Guangzhou City

Message from the Organisers

The Conference is organised by the Chinese Group of IABSE associated with Guangzhou University, Tongji University, Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge Authority , and Guangdong Provincial Chang Da Highway Engineering Co., Ltd. In this century, we have organised the IABSE Symposium 2004 and the IABSE Workshop 2009 both in Shanghai, which turned to be a great success. We are confident enough to assure this coming event in Guangzhou again a success keeping up with the times.

In today’s society the idea of sustainability is possibly more prevalent than at any other point and time, especially for infrastructures that are expected to last for long life and to serve as landmarks of the city and the country. Civil engineers and future civil engineers play a vital role in the sustainable development in meeting the needs of the society. A Civil Engineer’s utmost responsibility is sustainability and to seek its solutions. Therefore, the theme of the conference lies on “Bridges and Structures Sustainability—Seeking Intelligent Solutions”. China, the whole country, is an example, where traditional culture and modern trends co-exist in harmony to a certain degree with merits/drawbacks and with focused topics for open discussion.
Guangzhou, the host city of the conference, with 2200 years in history, is the third largest Chinese city as well as the economic and cultural centre of South China where the Asian Games 2010 were held. As a modern city, Guangzhou keeps progress with the state-of-the-art bridges and structures, including the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge, the Guangzhou Tower, and many other infrastructures. Both the Bridge and the Tower will be included in the technical visits of the conference.

We are very pleased to invite you to the IABSE Conference 2016, set in new conference Format - the linking of national and international activities into a single conference, in Guangzhou, where Chinese and international scientists, practising engineers, contractors, fabricators, designers and asset owners will gather to discuss the focused conference themes. You will find new friends and meet old friends, and also have a great time in taking part in wonderful technical visits.

Yojun Ge                                                        
Jie Cui

Chairs of the Organising Committee 
                       Limin Sun 
Quanke Su

Chairs of the Scientific Committee