Technical Visits

New Zealand is well known for its earthquake engineering and low damage construction techniques, and Christchurch has a wealth of experience to share with structural engineers.

Technical Visits will show the experience gained from the earthquakes in 2011, which will include new structures as well as retrofitting that was required for existing structures. Tours of the city will explain how the city has been redeveloped and show implementation of seismic low damage structures, specific buildings that have implemented seismic technology, such as:

The Trimble Navigation Building
Trimble’s new offices use both post-tensioned LVL frames and walls with energy dissipating devices for lateral load resistance, the first commercial building in New Zealand to do so. This project has won several awards.

Christchurch Justice & Emergency Services Precinct:
This development was the first significant project, to start construction as part of the Christchurch central city re-build. The primary lateral force-resisting system above the isolation plane is a two-way structural steel moment-frame. Base isolation is provided by Lead-Rubber Bearings (LRB) under the main seismic column lines of each tower.

Technical CBD Field Tours
Structural engineering themed guided walk. Come and learn about the seismic resilience of Christchurch’s buildings in this 1.5 hr guided walk within the Christchurch CBD. From Buckling Restrained Braces to triple pendulum base isolators, to rocking frames; Christchurch is now home to a wide range of seismic engineering designs that aim to be resilient by minimizing post-earthquake damage and disruption. Discover how existing buildings have been retrofitted to withstand earthquakes and the technologies and designs used in the newest buildings in the city. Daily tours will be offered.