Keynote Speakers

Confirmed Keynote Speakers


Tim Ibell

Professor and Associate Dean (Research) for the Faculty of Engineering and Design at University of Bath.

Professor Ibell's research focuses on the novel construction of concrete structures. He is also responsible for the innovative teaching processes employed at the University of Bath where architecture and engineering undergraduates are taught together, which will influence his talk about the teaching of creativity and design.



Wolf Mangelsdorf
Group Director, Buro Happold, UK

Wolf Mangeldorf has a broad experience and understanding of the collaboration between engineer and architect. Wolf applies creative thought to find innovative solutions to challenges presented to us, endorsing our holistic approach to engineering time and time again. This attitude has led to the development of spectacular projects like the Glasgow Museum of Transport and the roof to the Médiacité Retail Centre in Liege, Belgium. 

Claudia Merkle
Art historian, working for Tate Modern, Tate Britain and the Corporate State University of Baden-Württemberg.

Claudia Merkle will talk about how crucial and powerful an artistic thinking process can be for business, innovation and change – and how important it is to grow a healthy disregard for the impossible in an ever more competitive world.


Roger Ridsdill Smith
Senior Partner, Foster + Partners

Mr Ridsdill Smith will address " Creative Conceptual Design" and its application to the projects undertaken in close collaboration between the structural and architectural design teams within Foster + Partners.


Vincent Servais
Director, Bureau Greisch

Kristina Shea
Professor for Engineering Design and Computing at ETH Zürich.

Professor Shea's research focuses on developing cutting-edge computational models, methods and tools that enable the design of more innovative and complex engineered systems and products. Her research is interdisciplinary, combining engineering, design and computing and considers early conceptual design phases through to the fabrication of novel solutions. 


Ed McCann
Director Expedition Engineering.

Ed Mc Cann is an experienced project director and specialises in complex multi-disciplinary projects. He is an innovative and creative designer with a particular interest in environmental performance and is the Director responsible for many of the Expedition Engineering’s projects, including the 2012 Olympic Velodrome and the Infinity Bridge.